A Virginia Garden in Midsummer

A Virginia Garden in Midsummer

There’s a special, magical garden hiding in the hills of rural Appalachia that comes alive in the summer months. It’s a place I’ve been visiting, escaping to, and generally frolicking about in for quite some time. Midsummer is the best time of year here. Glittering golden light swoops in over the surrounding mountains in the long afternoons, successively followed by the evening chorus of tree frogs, the neon-green light show put on by resident fireflies, and the silent, endless sparkle of the purest night sky.

As the days slowwwly begin to get shorter and the nights turn just a little bit cooler, I’m really starting to look forward to where my adventures will take me this fall and winter. But, before I allow myself to fantasize too much about snowflakes and woolen socks, I wanted to share a part of summer that I really love.

OK, to be honest, I’m typically not the biggest fan of summer. In fact it’s probably my least-favorite part of the year in a lot of ways. I try my darnedest to take each season in stride, but come every August you can find me hunkered down in the air conditioning wearing a semi-permanent scowl and expelling a constant whine of “Ugghhh… Is it fall yet?! I’m so done!! I just wanna wear beanies and sweaters, darn it.”

It’s not that I hate summer. No. There are plenty of things that are just fine about poor air quality, mosquitos galore, and immediately starting to sweat the instant you step outside every single day for months on end (which is always delightfully amplified by the greasy horror show that is human skin slathered in sunscreen) - Oh boy, I digress.

The photos in this post were taken back in July, and are simply meant to celebrate a place that brings me joy during summertime. We all have those particular sights, sounds, and smells that lay dormant for a while, then suddenly blossom out of nowhere, flooding us with nostalgic comfort. For me, those happy triggers reappear year after year inside the serenity of this secret garden.


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Happy trails!