Abandoned Buildings in Rural Virginia

Abandoned Buildings in Rural Virginia

I grew up in the countryside of Virginia, and most of my family still lives there today. It’s beautiful, peaceful, quiet, and not that far of a drive for my husband and I to just pop on down for a visit every few months. While clicking through Lightroom the other day, I realized I had enough photos to put together a little post about some of the abandoned houses and buildings I’ve “collected” this summer.


One of my favorite activities as a kid was exploring the dilapidated buildings within walking distance of our house. There was this huge old crumbling monster on the side of a hill that I used to walk to and poke around in. I remember finding old journals, family photographs, and other seemingly-important mementos just left scattered all over the floor, and wondering: Why did they leave all this? Where did they go? The place was later torn down and built over, but that first spark of curiosity hasn’t faded!


Like just about everywhere else in the world, there are abandoned buildings around every turn in rural Virginia. What I love about exploring different regions is how buildings change with the landscape. In the hills western Pennsylvania, you’re likely to find run-down factories, row houses, and railcars during an adventure; whereas, in this area of Virginia, barns, hunt cabins, farm houses, outbuildings, and mobile homes are the moldering structures that dot the landscape. You might even get lucky with an abandoned car deep in the woods every once in a while!


Some of these sites have been sitting quietly untouched for the better part of a century, while others have only just started to show the signs of abandonment. It’s always an adventure to come across rusty old gems like these, and I’m looking forward to “collecting” many more of them during future trips to Virginia.


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Happy trails!