Abandoned Hotel in South Carolina

Abandoned Hotel in South Carolina

While on a recent family beach trip, a group of us ventured off for the better part of a day to explore a very cool abandoned hotel/resort on an island in South Carolina’s lowcountry. We had actually visited this island together once before, almost eleven years ago to the day when my then-boyfriend-now-husband and I were just babies and he was introducing me to his family for the first time... pretty wild! It was really neat to revisit this area with the people who are now my family, making new memories and having a blast just wandering around a massive dilapidated complex like this one.


The story goes that this beachside golf resort ended up being abandoned and left to crumble due to a series of sketchy investment schemes and illegal fraud activity committed by a former property owner. Originally opened in the 1990s, the resort grounds closed for good in 2008 after going bankrupt.

pictured above: the hotel bar.

pictured above: the hotel bar.

With so much to explore, it was hard not to poke our heads around every corner and in every room, trying to get a peek at all the little details. I think it’s so cool to see how the “abandoned bug” hits people from all walks of life… with our particular adventure group ranging in age from 16 to almost 60. There is something so darn fascinating about checking out abandoned places, especially ones that haven’t been vacant for very long. It feels very post-apocalyptic in the creepiest/coolest way!


Because this resort is located right on the beach, damage and decay from the elements was pretty severe. Nearly all the windows had been shattered, leaves had blown in to every room, the roof was badly leaking in many spots, and I’m sure it won’t be that much longer before the buildings really begin to crumble. I can only imagine what it might look like after a brutal hurricane hits. Yikes!

pictured above: dilapidated gazebo and seawall looking out to the Atlantic ocean beyond.

pictured above: dilapidated gazebo and seawall looking out to the Atlantic ocean beyond.

This was my first exploration of an abandoned hotel, and I'm already craving more! It’s sooo crazy to see such a large property where people once came to vacation, now just totally cast aside and forgotten. Definitely not everyday that you come across an abandoned gem like this one, but I’m on a mission to find more like it in the future!