Forest Findings vol. 1

I spent some time wandering around in the woods of Virginia last week, and I came upon some pretty neat stuff! It’s so interesting to see what people have left behind, thrown out, or simply lost to the forest over time. On this particular occasion, I poked around an old dumping site full of appliances, chairs, barrels, barbed wire, farm equipment and just random junk. A short hop down the hill from there, a mid-century Willys Jeep grows older among the trees, discarded by its owner long ago.


This Willys Overland station wagon (pictured above) is without a doubt the star of this little rusty treasure trove. It was abandoned in these woods well over thirty years ago. I know that to be true because I’ve been visiting this spot nearly all my life, and have watched the vehicle slowly decay throughout the years. I’ve always wondered why this car was left here like this. Did the people in it run out of gas? Did they get stuck in the mud or veer off the road, never to return? Was there some kind of emergency? As the overgrowth creeps in and the hillside gives way little by little, all these discarded things will blend deeper into the forest. But until they’re gone forever, they serve as curious glimpse into the past.


I’ve always wanted to make a series out of these Forest Findings, so I plan to publish many more volumes here on the blog. Stick around to see what kind of beautiful trash the forest produces for me next!